Water Based Fluids

The original KCl/PHPA low solids, non dispersed drilling fluid system that is primarily used to drill moderately reactive shales.

An inhibitive, cloud point glycol water-based drilling fluid designed to meet difficult drilling targets with minimal environmental impact.

A new generation of high performance water base drilling fluid, HPWBM, which provides wellbore stability, enhanced inhibition and rapid penetration rates.

A silicate water base drilling fluid which utilises 5 – 15% v/v of sodium or potassium silicate solution to enhance inhibition and mechanical wellbore stability; particularly in highly fractured or unconsolidated formations.

A high performance, sodium free, patented silicate drilling fluid, engineered to provide sodium and chloride free drilling fluid for sensitive environments and efficient cuttings treatment. It provides a recycling route for the cuttings thus minimising environmental impact

An extremely flexible water-based drilling fluid system to be used when temperature, contaminants, and/or borehole instability makes conventional systems impractical or uneconomical.

Custom designed drill-in fluid to provide minimal reservoir damage over a wide range of porosity and permeability, while providing an easily removable filtercake on drawdown that typically does not require breakers or acid clean-ups.

A mixed metal oxide drilling fluid that delivers a highly thixotropic (shear thinning) water-based drilling fluid which is environmental friendly and cost effective.


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