Global Research & Technology Center

Scomi Oiltools Global Research and Technology Center (GRTC) is an ISO 9001:2000 certified, state of the art, research and technology centre located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The facility encompasses research, product development and technical service laboratories as well as offices and training facilities.

GRTC laboratory staffs are organised in teams that are aligned with our technology goals, of developing and delivering the technology required to provide a high level of service for the increasing technical challenges in finding, developing and producing hydrocarbons in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

GRTC’s qualified staffs, with extensive experience in drilling fluids and component chemistry, are a team of talented science specialists and laboratory technologist. We also have a separate dedicated training team, based here, delivering drilling fluids related trainings throughout the organisation.

Scomi Oiltools’ Technical Services Group, based in GRTC, provides technical assistance and specific expertise in the application of drilling fluids technology, which is fit for the purpose of wellbore construction and productivity optimisation.

Specific teams focus on the key elements of day-to-day support for operations, troubleshooting, delivering solutions and system formulation using the wide range of standard API and advanced testing equipment at the centre.

GRTC is also the centre for the Scomi Oiltools’ Drilling Fluids Global QA/QC system covering all aspects of product quality from product evaluation and vendor selection to ongoing regular and random testing of products.

GRTC accepts customer focused drilling fluids and drilling waste management research challenges. The workflow of the centre integrates business-driven projects with value-added technical consultancy and laboratory services.

Collaborative projects with customers and universities, extends the ability of GRTC to resolve a regionally limited problem or develop broad global strategic capabilities. We place considerable emphasis on study of reservoir rock, pore content, and drilling fluid interactions to meet the demanding industry requirements for high performance water based fluids which are non-damaging to the reservoir.

The magnitude and complexity of the challenges of oil and gas exploration and development, such as ERD, deep-cold-water drilling and high temperature-high pressure (HTHP), require us to work closely and continuously with our co-researchers to ensure the best possible outcome from science and technology. This leads to benefits to our industry and community partners, who carry the main responsibility of implementing the technology and chemistry developed at GRTC.

Scomi Oiltools, as a global company, develops skilled personnel for ourselves and clients from many countries. We treat our employees are our most valuable asset, essential for future growth and success. Hence, we are fully committed to developing capable, confident and competent employees with increasing emphasis on the continuous upgrading and development of skills and competencies.

The training centre at GRTC has extensive facilities including a lecture hall with breakout rooms and a dedicated training laboratory. The laboratory is currently fully equipped with all the equipment a drilling fluid technologist would expect to encounter at any offshore or land job. Our trainees are also introduced to the advanced analytical tools and specialized equipment that will be available for specialty jobs.

Scomi Oiltools has trained chemists, technologists, and engineers from many locations including Algeria, Congo, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkmenistan, and USA and have been trained to the API 13L standard for drilling fluid technologists through the basic fluids training course.

Our dedicated training team delivers a wide range of courses including:

Basic drilling fluids school (API 13L compliant)
Customer drilling fluids school
Advanced drilling fluids seminars
System and project specific training
Operations management training
Reporting and hydraulic modelling courses


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