Oilfield Services

Specialty Chemicals

Scomi Oiltools provides a wide range of proprietary speciality chemicals including:

Corrosion Inhibitors

An amine base corrosion inhibitor

A H2S scavenger

A H2S scavenger

A powder oxygen scavenger - sodium bisulphite

A powder oxygen scavenger for brines containing calcium

Water dispersible filming amine

Blended ethanolamine pH buffer and polymer extender

Lubricants and Surfactants

Water-based mud lubricant

Ester-based lubricant

Ester-based lubricant

Surfactant for water-based muds

Alcohol-based defoamer

Low toxicity defoamer

Deflocculants and Thinners

Water-based polyacrylate deflocculant and rheology stabiliser for special applications in high temperature environments

Iron lignosulphonate

Microbead, low-molecular weight anionic polymer

Chrome lignosulphonate, ferrochrome lignosulphonate

Chrome-free iron lignosulphonate

Causticised lignite

Water-based liquid deflocculant and rheology stabiliser for special application in high temperature environments

Lost Circulation Material

Sized calcium carbonate (ground limestone)

Seepage loss control and differential pressure sticking preventative

Sized muscovite mica

Nut shells

Synthetic Graphite

High fluid loss, high solids, lost circulation squeeze material

Blended cellulose with fibres reacted resin for use in synthetic fluids

Gelled, swelling, sealing agent used for extreme lost circulations

Deformable and compressible fibres that seal depleted sands

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