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We are the first company to have developed and applied a unique preventive chemical process in the oilfield for the control and remediation of asphaltenes deposition in crude oils earning us an international recognition in organic deposition control.

At Scomi, we have specialised expertise and experience in the development and deployment of chemical for the treatment of asphaltenes and paraffins deposition throughout the entire production cycle. By leveraging our industry know-how, proprietary tools, and patented paraffin and asphaltene chemicals, we ensure your facilities are maintained at optimum standards and thus remain competitive at all times.

Asphaltene Dispersant

Asphaltenes exist in crude oil, stabilized by material termed resins. The combined material behaves like a colloidal dispersion. Removal of the resins by a physical or chemical means results in the asphaltenes aggregating and precipitating from the crude.

The most effective means of prevention is through chemical treatment. We supply asphaltene dispersants designed for each type of crude oil.

Paraffin Inhibitor/Wax Inhibitor

Paraffins pose a big concern in the production of some crude oils. Even though paraffins normally remain dissolved at formation temperature, but as oil is produced the crude temperature is lowered, the wax crystallises gradually in the form of needles and thin plates. As more wax crystallises, these needles and thin plates aggregate to turn into 3-D network causing the crude oil to solidify; particularly if it is very waxy.

Additives can change the wax crystal surface by adsorption and keep the entire system dispersed. This predominately results in an improvement in the waxes deposition behavior in crude oil. We are capable and have designed a specific paraffin inhibitor with anti-sticking properties which has proven its efficiency in significantly reducing the paraffin deposition.

Pour Point Depressant

Pour Point Depressants (PPD) are designed to interfere in the wax crystallization process by modifying the crystal structure.

PPDs are structured so that part of the molecule is like paraffin wax crystals, which acts by providing nucleation sites and co-crystallization with the waxes. The other part of the structure is dissimilar to the wax crystals and blocks the extensive growth of wax matrices.

The effect is a better flow behaviour and a depression of the pour point. We perform viscosimetry and flow simulation in test loops to design the appropriate pour point depressant..

Demulsifier for Acidic Crude

Demulsifiers act to increase water droplets radius and facilitate dehydratation. This is achieved by reducing the repulsive forces and interfacial tension, neutralising zeta potential and reducing viscosity of interfacial film.

Our specialisation in organic deposition control with our long and recognized expertise in this area is put to good use when building up specific demulsifiers formulated for difficult-to-break emulsions.

We are well-known for our expertise in designing custom made demulsifiers for acidic crude oil which allows for a dramatic reduction or complete suppression of acetic acid injection. Our technicians are experienced in “bottle testing” to:

Determine the type and amount of our surfactants for interfacial film destruction
Determine the type and amount of our own ionic surfactants for electric forces neutralization
Final tuning of demulsifier, taking in account production specificities and other chemicals in the stream.



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