Production Enhancement


Carbonate scale is very common in oilfield which can cause serious problems to your facilities. For instance, the carbonate scale deposition in the flow line can cause a serious blockage to the production header, flow lines and COTP. We are offering our services to remove oil dirt hydrocarbon forming around the scale giving it an almost perfect protection against the water-soluble descaler. It can remove the scale deposit when descaler is added with inhibitor to protect the metal surface during the actual removal process of the scale. Both mechanical method of fluid reaming and the descaler chemical will be used to effectively remove the scale.


In many operations, there is a slow build up of waxes in the lines, the build up is slow enough not to jeopardise production at the early stage. In such cases, it is sound not to take mitigation measures but to go for remediation periodically after certain level of restriction on the line diameters or for deposition in the formation itself after reaching a decrease in production. Otherwise, the flow will be reduced or your well will be plugged by wax. Even if this is the case, we have the capability to restore the flow through a thorough evaluation system from reservoir review, simulation, engineering and execution.

Our formation damage removal techniques and patented products give superior results compared to classical solvents soaks/circulation. Various methods are available to resolve this problem, and we will be there every step of the way to help you decide which suits your need the best.


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