Production Enhancement


The oil & gas production will be smoother with efficient hydrocarbon separation from aqueous fluids. At Scomi, we have refined our chemicals to bring the best of hydrocarbon separation technology. We have wealth of global experience to draw from in order to help you identify the one that works best for your area. Our product range caters for all types of separation requirement for the oil and gas industry – from upstream process at the production well to the terminal and refinery.


Demulsifiers are special additives for separating water from the oil. They are used to break water in oil emulsions resulting in drastically reducing the viscosity of emulsions and the pressure drop in flow lines, consequently increasingly production rates. We have the expertise to engineer a unique demulsifier to match your current production requirement. Experienced formulators and testers are at your service to ensure that you have the right demulsifier solutions at all times.


Environmental requirement mandates that the effluent water from production facilities or terminal meet an international safety standard before they can be discharged. Our range of products has been tested to ensure your discharge complies with these standards. Each unique deoiler has its strength that enables it to perform under various types of equipment and conditions.

Sludge Breaker

Applying demulsifier chemical at upstream of an oil production system may not be able to totally get rid of the remnant emulsion slops and sludges. Even after successful dehydration of crude oil, there often will be unresolved or residual emulsions. These residuals can be of 'watery form' of slop oils to a 'less wet' form of sludge oils.

This emulsion slops and sludges do contain commercially viable residual oils for additional revenue and cannot be disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner. Hence there is a need to utilise products such as Slop/Sludge Oil Breaker chemicals at the crude oil terminal to capitalise on this hidden potential. We have considerable production experience and expertise in application of Slop/Sludge Breaker chemical range. Hence, our products can be fully customized, ranging from the inhibited acidic to non acidic types, depending on the application, condition and system.


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