Project Pyramid – The Scomi Way

Within a competitive business environment, companies increasingly recognise the need to establish cultures that fully leverage the skills of their employees. By creating cultures in which employees feel valued, companies can better drive business results through their human capital.

Experts agree that the purpose of corporate culture is to develop an internal environment that is conducive for individuals to perform effectively. However, a corporate culture will only be relevant and useful if it is aligned with the organisation’s vision, mission, strategies, goals, and the external environment.

Project Pyramid was launched by Scomi Group CEO, Mr Shah Hakim on 22nd October 2007. The objectives of the Project Pyramid are to:

  • Cultivate leadership capabilities
  • Create a mentoring and networking platform
  • Inculcate a learning culture
  • Foster “Living the Brand” within Scomi
  • Create a culture of innovation and high performance

The photographs show teams presenting their ideas and activities to the sponsoring team consisting of the CEO and Learning and Development staff.



Management Trainee Programme (MTP)

As part of the Group’s Talent Management Programme, Scomi has implemented the Management Trainee Programme (MTP) since year 2004. In 2006 we recruited a group of 10 trainees to join the programme and in 2007 we recruited the next group of 6 trainees who joined us on the 1st November 2007.

The MTP programme is a structured 18-month programme introduced with the primary objective to “train and mould” future talents by giving young fresh graduates experiences in a variety of operational settings within the organisation. Their attachment to a rotational-based placement programme provides them the rounded exposure to managerial and functional skills where they are able to learn and perform in their respective duties. Upon completion, successful trainees will be absorbed into the Group’s talent pool equipped with the Scomi values and culture.

Our responsibility at Learning & Development (LeaD), who is the custodian of this programme, is to not only ensure that the trainees follow the identified learning path and produce their key deliverables but also to provide the mentoring and coaching support in order to groom their personal leadership qualities to realise their potential in Scomi.

Over the next 18 months, as the trainees go through their rotations, we hope that they will gain valuable insights and learning experiences from the various departments that they have been attached to. Let’s give them our full support as they embark on this learning journey with Scomi.



Scomi Managers Programme (SMP)

As we move into streamlining our businesses, equipping our frontline managers with knowledge on our internal processes will allow them to perform better on their day-to-day responsibilities.  In turn, it will also see an increase productivity at all levels.

To facilitate this development and skills upgrade, we have launched a work-based training program called the ‘Scomi Managers Programme (SMP)’in June 2008. The objective of the programme is to provide all managers with the essential work-based skills by understanding the internal processes and policies in order for them to become a more effective manager in their current roles.

Scomi Manager  - ‘The Programme’

The programme is designed to be flexible to cater for Manager’s busy work schedule. It will run on 4 half day Modules which managers are free to sign up as and when their time permits.

  • Module 1 – People Management (HR)
  • Module 2 – Compliance
  • Module 3 – Project Management
  • Module 4 – Finance

All participants/managers will be given a ‘learning passport’. A ‘stamp of completion’ will be issued in the passport for each module completed. Upon completion of all 4 modules, participants will be given a Scomi certificate of completion. Managers who manage to complete all 4 modules before 31st August, 2008 will be given a reward – a ticket to a renowned Leadership programme.



Executive Management Programme (EMP) For Middle Managers

In promoting learning and employee development, Scomi launched another Programme called the Executive Managerial Programme (EMP) for all Global Managers (grades 16 and 17) on the 25th November 2007 in Kuala Lumpur. The 6-day programme is designed with two objectives:

  1. To sharpen the skills, understanding and perspective to the critical business skills of our Managers such as financial management, human resource management, risk management, strategic management and contract management etc.

  2. To develop and enhance the personal competence and leadership skills of our Managers to improve management accountability and discipline, to be a more effective manager in solving problems strategically and independently.

The EMP is an in house programme consisting of 2 parts which will run every 6 months:

Topics Include:

  • Leadership Framework
  • Leadership Levels and Leadership Roles
  • Leadership Styles and Behaviours
  • Planning and Organising – Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Project and Action Planning
  • Communications and Decision-Making Processes
  • Communications in a Multi-Cultural Society
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Project Management
  • Advanced Leadership Skills

    Part 1:

    Moving Up the Leadership Ladder – designed to focus on Leadership, Planning and Organising, Communications, and Teambuilding skills.

  • Human Resource Management – Transactional and Transformational
  • Workforce Planning and Performance Management
  • Organizational Learning and Development
  • Culture and Creativity at Workplace : The FISH Philosophy
  • Conflict Management
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Processes
  • Analytical Thinking – Tools and Techniques
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Service and Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Ethics and Integrity Hypothetical

    Part 2:

    Leadership As Purpose, Management As Process - designed to focus on both Leadership and Management Processes, Creativity, Innovation, Problem Solving, Conflict Management, and Analytical Thinking.

    Over the-12 month period, there will be extra curriculum such as reading and an assignment to enhance the participants’ learning experience. Together with a Personal Improvement Programme Manual, participants are able to self monitor all aspects of their performance and set ongoing goals and action plans for self improvements over time.



    Management Development Programme (MDP)

    For senior level managers, the need for knowledge enhancement in the business and management skills are undeniably increasing in Scomi’s aggressive business environment. Thus, Scomi provides the opportunity for the hi-potential employees to undergo a 2 ½ years MDP/MBA programme where the participants undergo a more academic stream of management skills in order to upgrade their skills and knowledge in the international business and management arena.

    In the next phase of this initiative, Scomi will be implementing series of  development programmes for executives as well as leadership development programmes for senior managers with the objective to equip the current leaders within Scomi with strategic leadership skills that will inspire trust amongst their subordinates and unleashing talents whilst having the discipline to execute strategic business goals. Furthermore, the programme aims to enhance their knowledge and understanding in global business issues to better drive the organisation.



    Sports & Recreational Club

    The Sports & Recreational Club was established to promote a healthy and active lifestyle while at the same time to nurture ties among employees from different business units in the company.  This effort has been lauded as one of the most successful voluntary employee engagement activities and the number of participation from members of the staff throughout the year has increased.

    Besides various sporting activities such as futsal, bowling and volleyball, the club also organises an annual ‘Family Day’ where employees and their families come together for a big, activities and fun-filled day.

    The Sports & Recreational Club activities are focused on team participation, personal engagement and most importantly interaction among staff.

    In order to facilitate a diverse range of activities, the Sports & recreational Club is run by a team of rotating committee members on a yearly basis.



    First Aid Programmes

    Between 20th and 27th February 2008, the Anaco office in Venezuela organised  a first aid course conducted by a representative from the Department of Civil Protection of Anaco City.  The course was attended by 32 employees form field operations and administration who clocked up 256 man-hours of training.

    From CPR to the Heimlich Maneuver and blood pressure reading to patient care, the course proved to be an excellent training to prepare staff for an emergency.